Club Rules

Policies and Procedures

Club Rules

  • No dogs are permitted at the school unless agreed in advance and risk assessed.
  • No Alcohol is permitted on the school ground under any circumstances.
  • The football club will not tolerate any verbally aggressive behaviour you will be asked to leave.
  • The football club will contact the Police immediately in the event of any violent behaviours and reported to the FA.
  • Any person involved in violent incidents will be asked to leave the school immediately.
  • Spectators and players must always be respectful to the referees and speak to the coaches​before approaching referees.
  • Photographs of other children during training sessions and matches need to be agreed in advance so parental consent can be gained.
  • Please remember the club is run by volunteers so please be respectful.
  • If you have any questions please contact our Club Welfare Officer – Lisa Udall

Match day Guidance

  • The HEJ team managers and coaches will send out text messages or emails to all the team parents with the match day details by no later than 9 pm on Thursdays. Parents will also be included in team WHATSAPP groups.
  • We kindly ask that all the players and parents arrive 30 minutes before any Match day kick-off time for home and away fixtures so the team warms-ups and team briefings can be done in a structured, organised, and timely manner.
  • Please arrive prepared for any games, your child must be wearing shin pads and have appropriate footwear and clothing for the weather conditions and wear the right match kit and have a drink with them.
  • As a football club, we expect all parents to stay with their children throughout the games unless this has been agreed in advance with one of the managers or coaches.
  • We ask that all parents stand behind the designated respect marker lines on the opposite side of the pitch to the managers, coaches, and players throughout the games.
  • During the matches, it is important that parents give positive encouragement and praise to all the players on each team and clap for any good play.
  • Parents must not shout out directions, or instructions or try to coach any players during games on either team. This will disrupt the games and confuse the players and contradict what the coaches are teaching the team. Parents will be given warnings if this happens and may be asked to leave if this continues.
  • HEJ ATHLETIC wants to ensure that all matches are played in good spirits and fair play is promoted.
  • Our aim as a football club is to make sure all the children playing football are having fun in a safe environment.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to attend any match day or tournament at short notice, please inform the Team manager and Coach ASAP.


  • All home matches are played at Giffard Park Primary School. 

  • Under 7’s and U8’s teams will play 4 x 10-minute quarters.

  • The Managers coaches will try to ensure all players have fair game time.

  • The matches will take place on Saturday mornings anytime between 09:00am and 12:00pm

  • We would like all of the players to attend at least one training session during the week.